On ignoring your skills

— On ignoring your skills

Sometimes you have to make trade-offs…

I was really good at the illustration part of it, the drawing, but I struggled at the graphics part of it, the typography. But it was really the graphics that interested in… I was really keenly aware of what I was good at… I knew I needed an aspect of challenge. So I focused on what I wasn’t good at….And at that point just stopped drawing. So for 2 years in that program I didn’t draw, I just threw myself into making really ugly work and struggling with kind of re-inventing myself and learning a new way of thinking that I could apply hopefully to my career….

And it became very clear that I had like this binary system of things I knew and the things I learned and it was just about applying these two things. Applying what I was good at to kind of solve the struggles.. to solve the problems that I was presented and the things I wanted to learn. So it’s not like I was ignoring my skills, it was just using my skills as a bridge to learning new things to pushing myself and improving on what I was doing.

Geoff Mc Fetridge


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