Love on the line. Part 2: The Speculative Thing

Love on the line. Part 2: The Speculative Thing

So after doing all the online dating site research, I started thinking, what kind of site I would build if I could build one? What sort of features would it have? But as I started sketching I noticed a lot of it seemed to be following the sort of standard patterns in terms of the online profile and the overall feeling. And as I thought about it more I realized the common problem with a lot of these things is the way they sort of turn people into products. You lose that sort of human connection after browsing through all these profiles.

I felt like I didn’t want make just another standard profile site. I also felt like I hadn’t made any sort of “critical media” project lately. Then I saw a friend’s status update on Facebook: “If there was an Amazon product review for me as a person, I wonder what it would say.” And so, Amazon Cupid had to be born:

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 12.28.33 AM

It was surprisingly enjoyable to hack up an existing Amazon page and create my own, partially because of how REAL it felt. I was going to do just a photoshop mock up or something, but actually doing s semi-working prototype gives it a completely different feeling. The fact that it responds when you resize and hover over links and things. It’s just real enough to trick myself into believing it actually exists (make & believe!).

I had my friend write the BFF review for me. The rest of the reviews are basically slightly tweaked from The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales, the book I used as a starting point for the entire page.

It was also great studying amazon’s product pages in such detail. Normally I skim over a lot of stuff so I don’t really notice how much stuff is actually crammed into one of these pages. Mostly I felt like I had to make it because I thought it was a funny idea. But also it seems like a good exercise in pushing something to an extreme in terms of what I wouldn’t want to actually make for a real site, a way to sort of encapsulate all the things that make online dating sites so un-human.


  1. Amazing hack, Jayne! Can you explain how I’m supposed to check out that dinner date though?


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